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Gaspari Elderberry Gummies

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Gaspari Nutrition Elderberry Gummies – 30 serve


While the flu-fighting and immune boosting benefits of the elderberry are centuries old, a recent study, conducted at the University of Sydney, demonstrated, that the phytonutrients in elderberries can directly inhibit the flu virus’s entry into human cells and foil its replication, thus help strengthen the immune response to the virus [1]. It’s effect is noted in the early stages of infection by blocking the way the virus enters the cells of the body. However, inhibiting the way the virus replicates during the later stages in the influenza cycle. This is significant, because blocking the viral infection and potentially shortening the duration of the flu. Additionally, the researchers noted that elderberry stimulated the release of certain cytokines – chemical messengers that the immune system uses to coordinate a more efficient response against invading pathogens.


Gaspari Nutrition has taken this research and combined 75mg of elderberry extract with the immune boosting properties of both 50mg vitamin C and 5mg of zinc (from zinc gluconate) to produce one of the most innovative and influential supplements to not only help protect the body from flu viruses, but also potentially mitigate the duration of the flu if you get it. Gaspari’s combination of elderberry with zinc and vitamin C, in a delicious chew-able gummy could be just what the doctor ordered!


-          75mg Elderberry Extract 30:1

-          50mg vitamin C per serving

-          5mg zinc per serving

-          Provides powerful antioxidant and immune support†