Stealth Glucosamine – Anti-Inflammatory & Joint Lubricant

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When either time or packing those weights begins to take its toll, and your joints begin to strain, glucosamine possesses natural anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, that could act as one of your body’s natural shock-absorbents and joint lubricants. Not only may it ease or alleviate joint, bone and muscle pains, but it may also improve range of motion and mobility. Glucosamine could also aid in treating the common symptoms of age-related disorders like arthritis and osteoarthritis*.

As an essential for the synthesis of certain proteins and lipids that form cartilage and synovial fluid, glucosamine could play an important part in the construction of joints, tendons and ligaments and may help to keep your joints healthy and could assist in bone healing.

Glucosamine could also help improve digestion and gut health, as it helps to restore healthy epithelial cell structures and may assist with the repair of damaged tissue of the lining of the gi-tract, bladder, stomach and other intestines.